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Exclusive: Miles Teller Was Lured To ‘Divergent’ With The Promise Of Punching Shailene Woodley

The only thing more exciting than watching that brutal boxing match between Dauntless initiates Tris and Peter: getting to be one of the contenders who brought it to life on screen. In this behind-the-scenes clip from “Bringing Divergent to Life,” the documentary extra from the “Divergent” Blu-Ray, Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller remember what it was like to put together their amazing fight scene, from which Miles’ character Peter emerged victorious.

Although Shailene has nothing but good things to say about how well-choreographed the sparring was, Miles remembers having qualms about the realization that he was going to have to beat up a girl.

“I said, you know, how’s this going to look? It’s kind of hard to redeem yourself,” he said. “But that’s just this [“Divergent’s”] world.”

However, producer Lucy Fisher has a different story.

“One of the ways we enticed Miles Teller to do the movie was to say, ‘You’re going to get to beat up Shai!’” she said.

The documentary on the making of “Divergent” is just one of the special features available on the DVD. If you want one for your library, “Divergent” drops on Digital HD July 22, and Blu-ray/DVD August 5.

Theo James Shows Off Four's Tattoos In New Behind The Scenes Divergent Clip

After those heady few months when Theo James was everywhere thanks to his lead role in Divergent, we’ve been experiencing some pretty major withdrawal pangs. Luckily, the DVD release for the smash hit movie is just around the corner which means we get Theo treats like this.

Divergent was a massive box office hit earlier this year, with the movie based on Veronica Roth’s popular novel bringing together the super hot dream team of Theo and Shailene Woodley.

Theo and Shailene in Divergent (Lionsgate)

The DVD of the movie is due for release this month, and we’re promised lots of extra bonus bits including behind the scenes clips like this one uploaded by Vulture today.

The footage sees a shirtless Theo getting his tattoos applied, an essential part of his character Four. The intricate designs are pretty amazing, with a talented team of craftsmen explaining how they came up with the designs, but tbh it’s Theo’s topless moments which are the highlight of the vid.

Theo is back in the makeup chair as we speak, with shooting for Divergent’s follow-up Insurgent kicking off in Atlanta a few weeks back.

Theo and Shailene are busy working on the Divergent sequel (WENN)

The new film will hit cinemas on March 20, 2015, with Shailene and Theo reprising their roles as Tris and Four. There’s some new additions though, with Naomi Watts cast as Theo’s mother while Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer will play Johanna, the leader of the Amity faction.

GRACELAND’s Aaron Tveit Featured in New Promo for USA Network

GRACELAND's Aaron Tveit Featured in New Promo for USA Network has shared an exclusive first look at a new promo for the USA Network, featuring stars from network favorites Suits, Royal Pains and Graceland. Broadway’s own Aaron Tveit (Next to Normal, Catch Me If You Can) takes part in the peppy summer promo, showing off his dance moves the catchy jingle ‘Feel Alright.’ Check it out here!

The sophomore season of “Graceland” follows the high-stakes investigative lives of six undercover federal agents who live together in a government-seized Southern California beachfront house. These FBI, DEA and ICE agents, whose lies are their lives, struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy. This is especially challenging when the former FBI rookie, Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit, “Les Miserables”) returns to “Graceland” to run point on a dangerous mission against the cartel. Meanwhile, Briggs (Daniel Sunjata, “Rescue Me”), still concerned about the missing recording that implicates him in a murder, attempts to clean up his life and repair his relationships.

The series also stars Vanessa Ferlito (“The Sopranos”), Manny Montana (“Chicago Code”), Brandon Jay McLaren(“Falling Skies”) and Serinda Swan (“Breakout Kings”). From FOX Television Studios, “Graceland” comes from creator and executive producer Jeff Eastin (“White Collar”) and is inspired by true events. The series was one of 2013’s top new cable dramas of the summer, capturing a broad freshman audience, averaging 4M total viewers.

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